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Mimosa Hill Farm

Mimosa Hill Farm is a hidden gem, tucked away in a quaint neighborhood. It is a flower farm that has grown from a sense of community and with a heart of hospitality. Kathryn Hansen is a one-woman show supported by her family (husband and real estate partner Billy, daughter and future farmer Claire, and son William a budding comedian), neighbors, and a heart for sharing the bounty of her beautiful garden. What started by growing just a few flowers for her family and friends, has quickly grown into a full time job of bouquets, flower arranging evenings, holiday wreathes, and an ever expanding array of vegetables and herbs.

When Kathryn’s family purchased the 1902 farmhouse on four acres, she said they knew they wanted to use the land for hospitality, and just didn’t know what form it would take at the time. In the early days, Mimosa Hill Farm was just a small farmstand run by her two children, with flowers and heirloom tomatoes for the neighborhood. Kathryn is growing her business and expanding her knowledge taking classes with Erin Benzakein of Floret, a best-selling author and a farmer-florist in Washington state sharing her wisdom through online courses and shop ( She now offers bouquet subscriptions, pre-order bouquets for holidays and special occasions, flower bar evenings of do-it-yourself arrangements, and buckets of blooms for at-home arranging and gatherings. Her dream is to be able to supply flowers and arrangements for weddings, allowing Lynchburg brides to utilize freshly harvested, locally grown flowers in their ceremony.

In addition to tulips (she planted 3,000 this year alone!), ranunculus, dahlia, anemone, and snapdragon flowers, to name a few, she also grows an abundance of lavender and eucalyptus. She would love to be known as Lynchburg’s eucalyptus go to! Grown from just a tiny seed only one year ago her eucalyptus are now over five feet tall! I can only hope some of her green thumb rubbed off on me. When asked about a good flower for beginners here in Lynchburg, Kathryn says zinnia are the way to go, easy breezy, and will flower for you all summer long.

With winter frosts coming to an end, Kathryn is ready to start putting her produce crops in the ground and plans to have tomatoes, zucchini, squash, herbs, and a special garden of beans her daughter is undertaking. She is busy expanding her flower bed and gardens to accommodate the growing demand for her beautiful flowers and I look forward to visiting again soon to see what else she has popping up! Come summer be on the lookout for Flower Bar evenings, bouquet offerings, buckets of blooms, and more. Visit Mimosa Hill Farm to find out what Kathryn is growing today!

Mimosa Hill Farm

Lynchburg, VA


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